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Advantages in Agricultural PE Film @NP Gypsum Fiber

  • Gypsum fiber has high whiteness, dense crystal structure, good stability, and not easy to hydrate; easy to agglomerate and disperse when used.
  • Improving Tensile and Shearing Strength
  • A composite film with high light transmittance can be made, and the haze of the film increases with the increase of whisker
  • Improving the infrared insulation of PE film
  • Improving the abrasion resistance and slip resistance of PE film
  • The surface of Gypsum Fiber is easy to modify and granulate. It can be used in combination with other materials to make various functional masterbatches with good flame retardancy and smoke suppression.

Product Name: Gypsum Fiber Item no.:NP-S20 HS CODE:68099000 Applications: The special material for formulation of Agricultural PE Film

Mechanism of reinforcement and toughness

Tiny NP@ Gypsum Fiber shape act as reinforcing and wear resistant filler. This filler will improve the poor area of coarse fibers.